Don't worry. I'll talk to him.

I've contacted her.

Vishal was injured in a car accident.

I still feel bad.

Are you with us, Izzy?

They're concerned about him.

Tiefenthal jumped out of the car and started to run.

Bobby looks like a million bucks.

There was some meat left over.

Shadow had no idea that Bob was already married.

How odd!

Strawberry juice is good for your memory.


Let me tell you what I know.

I'm glad Brodie helped us.

It's not up to you.


Obviously, Ofer hasn't told anyone about us yet.

We're remodeling.

That's not a good sign.

Our food is cheap.

Is there anything I need to be worried about?

To tell you the truth, I was not pleased with the book.

Human relationships are complex.

He's a very important person.

The time has come to act.

Russia is facing great financial difficulties.

Everyone, please be quiet.


I know every word on this page.

French isn't too difficult to learn.

They assumed the victory as their own.

He went skiing in Hokkaido.

I'm out of here.

Pets are a privilege, not a right!

Many roads and fields were flooded.

She is getting used to this rural life by degrees.

You'll find the people here very kind.

I really need the money.

Kemal knew that Nhan was trying to do that.

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I'm afraid he's just gone out.

He then added, "I tell you the truth..."

The letter was written by Bill.

She comes from a bourgeois background.

Ellen didn't do well enough on the driver's test to get a driver's license.


The plane's going down.


How can you tell good English from bad English?


This must be my grandfather's house.

They stood against the picturesque scenery.

We both know it's too late.

There have been a lot of complaints about the lack of police protection.

Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.


I don't know if I can speak French well enough to make myself understood.

Whose turn is it to deal the cards?

No matter what happens, my determination won't change.


What's Gunter got to do with it?


Stacy is a misanthrope.

We went along a narrow road.

Pilar tripped.

Comb over your essay before submitting it.

Glynn asked for forgiveness.

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When was your first love?

Rick asked Dawson who her French teacher was.

To our surprise, he won the grand prize.

The surfboard doesn't fit in my suitcase.

Have you eaten anywhere interesting lately?


"Why did you do that?" "I wanted to see what would happen."


I don't understand the analogy.


I feel better than ever.

I regret it.

The girl writes a good hand though she is still only ten.

I want to be able to read French.

What makes you think I'll like it?

Hunger drove him to steal.

We're just like brothers.

Give me a minute, please.

A red dress looks good on her.

Can't you do it?

Jay never did what we asked him to do.

I don't have all night.

Rafik appreciates modern art.

I ran across an old friend of mine at party the other day.

I've made up my mind.

Don't let the kid play with knives.

Oscar died a quick death.

"What do you want?" "Forget about it."

I'm just getting used to it.

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Niels has only three months to live.

I had a similar experience.

The privacy of people is a joke.

Luc is my dentist.

Maybe we'll see some dolphins.

I will stay at the hotel for now.

I fantasize about a life that doesn't so closely resemble hell.

I took a sleeping pill last night.

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.

We couldn't get anywhere in our attempt to convince him.

The experiment must begin.


She is a very cheerful and gragarious person.

You've got paint on you.

Weigh your words well.

By 1969 the debate over virtual memory for commercial computers was over. An IBM research team led by David Sayre showed that their virtual memory overlay system consistently worked better than the best manually controlled systems.

Kristian and Dan have been going out for three years.

I'm tired of standing here waiting.

Jinchao was really drunk last night. He probably didn't even know what he was saying.

I want to give up.

The line is still busy.

Ken is tall, but I'm not.

You look tiny next to a sumo wrestler.

I can't believe that this is real.

Daren doesn't seem to like you very much.


You might learn how to swim.


As was expected, he won the prize.

Oh, it is me!

He had to share his room with his sister.

Let's break for lunch.

I preferred wearing my Hawaiian T-shirt and green shorts to be cool and different, but I quickly got used to the white shirt and black slacks.


One of my teeth came out.

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Not all people are evil bastards.

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I can't believe it worked.


I just found out that Bonnie is wealthy.

He was too tired to walk any further.

Liber wanted Olson to teach him French.

We already know that.

It's cold.

I don't know why you're involved in this.

Can anyone answer my question?

I caught her by surprise.

He fulfilled the functions of a statesman.

The badly burnt pilot was still in the cockpit.

Do you have any other books?

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The interpreter tries to give the most detail and information possible.

Their job is to make fake orders, in order to cause trouble for the rival company.

He never visited her.


My mother bakes bread and cookies on weekends.

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Give him some money.

I don't think that's what's causing the problem.

Liyuan was the one who helped me escape from jail.

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I haven't done any of the things you've asked me to do.

There was a high wall about the garden.

The paper bowl is cheap.

Our company has branches in many cities.

I had hardly finished my meal when my friend phoned me and invited me out for dinner.

You can accomplish this.

Andrew knew Keith was hungry.


Roy's technique was sloppy.

He says that he wants to settle down.

I understand your feelings.

I don't want to get married.

The vote is unanimous.


I am pretty sure.

Oliver looks like he might cry.

He asked me to go to bed early.

If this is a dream, I will kill the man who wakes me up.

I can't hear you very well.

This is my mother's computer.

Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

I was knocked on the floor.

The cheap prices tempted me to buy things I didn't need.

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Brender is one of my students.

Ninety-nine always makes me laugh.

Stand face to face.

Who tried to kill me?

He can die from overwork.

We came here to buy a dress for our daughter.

I put a cup of hot tea on your desk.

Betty is crazy about dancing.

It's your fault, not mine.

If Vern's mother hadn't meddled in their marriage, Eddy and Caroline might still be together.

Making cookies takes time.


You need to talk to him.

Del always asks the same questions.

He accused me of my mistake.