They'll find Morris.

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Life in Tokyo is very expensive.


The man is sitting on on the other side of the stream.


If you just work a little harder your grades will improve a lot.

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Ken studied English last night.

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We don't want to overwhelm them.

They are Russian.

I never see you without thinking of Ken.

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Who's the fastest one here?


The player contributed to the victory.


Why don't you want to learn English?

He got angry to hear the news.

Is this a problem?


I like this color, too.


Congress passed the proposal.

I'm on the lookout for a good introductory book about the Internet.

This vampire works for a blood bank.

We have work to do, but if you need a day to recover from jet lag, we can start tomorrow.

Are these bags yours?

This isn't just about Judith.

Shark fin soup is commonly served at Chinese weddings and banquets.


My hair got kinky.

I stood there and watched Shakil go.

He was attacked there by the rebels.


I think Olof's skirt's too long.

She has a body to die for.

We are weary of his long talk.


I heard someone tell Reinhard about what happened.

He came by the freeway.

This baby is 3 weeks old.

We're banking on you to provide all the money we need.

I hope Hein remembers how to do this.


I don't like the way this is going.


Have you run into this kind of problem before?

I want you to take me to him.

Oh please, not so fast.

This painting is a good copy of the original.

Let it be ever so humble, there is no place like home.

Can I check my email on your tab?

You may as well give up.

There was something going on.

The animals have already eaten enough.

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He closed the door. And not a moment too soon, because just then we heard the sound of aproaching footsteps.

I get along well with Noemi.

Kirsten is not easy to impress.

When did you start working here?

My husband's not in town.

It's not hard to understand.

Yes, it is nice, but I do not like the red color very much.

In short, all our efforts resulted in nothing.

There are few spectators.

Bank services are getting more and more expensive.

I have to get them home.


Why don't you have Dad clean up his study?

I'm not just here to look pretty.

She told him where to put the suitcase.

Please deliver this package to Florian.

December has thirty-one days.

Damn, Valsi isn't here.

Jeffery sometimes has trouble understanding other people's feelings.

How many days do you want to stay in Boston?

Sally exchanged a twenty-dollar bill for five-dollar bills.


There is no polluted air in our city.


We must help him immediately.

We need to stay awake.

He succeeded in entering the university.

What else could we do?

Each building has a name.


Let go of my hand!

He's trying to muscle in on my territory and get a piece of the action.

I would say that normal people would be needed.

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I don't feel like filling out this questionnaire. There are too many items.

You are interrupting the lesson.

I hope we find Brad.

Ben will be disappointed if you don't go to his party.

Man can be subdued through fear.

I think we should do it.

Paul is dead, isn't he?

She married John, not because she loved him, but because he was a rich man.

That is no fault of Moran's.

I don't understand art.

The children have forgotten their homework.

We have to hurry.

I'm sure things will work out.

Why don't we have some dinner?

When in doubt, in favour of the accused.

Thad plays piano.

She's not my grandmother. She's my mother.


Wendy kept his illness a secret.

How about a walk?

The world is very small.

Excuse me but may I ask for your name and contact information?

He forgot a section of the speech and had to improvise for a while.

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I am going to free the prisoners.

I reserve the right to be wrong.

We haven't seen this before.

I wish I could explain it better, but I can't.

Is lunch ready?


That's perfectly understandable.

I'm pretty sure Pontus went outside before the gunshot, not after.

Love conquers all.

A cloud passed the sun.

She's a filthy liar.

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Keep an eye on the baby while I am away.

Pigs cannot run the nations.

What is a Christmas market?

He looked for the key.

Srikanth plays in a band, and is very good looking.

How dangerous are they?

How much do you take?


I told them that I'd help you.

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He can speak Russian, too.

Don't you believe it is strange that I should live alone?

If life turns its back on you...

Do you believe it?

Beauty cannot be determined objectively but depends on personal aesthetic criteria.

Accidents of this kind often occur.

We have another test after this one.


I did nothing unlawful.

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Vick and Paola competed together in the three-legged race on sports day.

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This is so exciting.

Mason should have been more careful.

I think I will take a vacation this week.

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I try to write at least three blog entries a week.

The little fair-haired lad took a big pin out of his pocket, and stuck it into the back of the Irishman's coat without his noticing it, whereupon he fell sound asleep.

I'm very sorry, we can't accept your request.

I gave her some milk and cookies.

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That's an interesting topic.

I've become used to her.

The hour hand is broken.

Alex rolled down both windows.

Oh, how late it is!

Don't you know what it is?

I don't want to go to Sally's birthday party.

I am not in the least happy.

I want to find out where Arnold went last week.

The traffic crept along at a snail's pace.

You seemed stressed.

You can't park in a handicapped parking space unless you have a special permit.

He knows a lot about wild animals.

Jerald was impressed with Joshua's skill.

Let us know if you'd like to join us.

He dumped me.


We have to get Saad a present.

We can never get rid of the past.

Would you like to take some time off?

I want a cup of tea.

What is missing?

I absolutely don't know that woman.

I won't put up with that.


I didn't think you'd get here so soon.

I take it for granted that he will succeed in the examination.

He began to address the audience slowly.

He expected great success in the project from me.

It's a done deal.

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You were very rude to me.

I think it's Teriann.

Brett bought Edmond some chocolate.

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I have no intention of apologizing.

The company wants to hire 20 people.

I'll tell everyone.

Everyone was shocked except Syd.

He was operated on yesterday.