Happy is the one who has not killed the child in his soul.

His will was transmitted to his younger brother.

Jerald was caught lying.

A lot of colds are going around.

I just want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

He put his affairs in order.


I want Miek to be arrested.


I don't earn enough money to buy clothes regularly.


Get this stuff out of here.

He was suspect in that he had no alibi.

She has a big problem, though.

His coolness has alienated his friends.

We're going to flip it.


I definitely won't do that again.


Everybody but Saify laughs.

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In the distance you can see Mt. Fuji through the morning mist.


Glen was stunned.

I am learning how to drive.

There are a lot to choose from.

I'm sorry, Charley, I've got to go.

Give Loukas something to eat.

We were worried because we weren't getting any news.

We all know.

It is a cross with him, he always comes too early.

Our school is on the other side of the station.


Malcolm has always lived in Boston.

If you don't keep your promises, people won't take you seriously.

Smoking is harmful for your health.

Marcia could stay with us tonight if he wanted to.

You don't need to know.

Dominick was disillusioned.

Do you dream in French?

How did we manage to do that?

Carisa knows a lot about dogs.

The teacher made us repeat the word.

Are you now married?


Marek claimed that his gun was stolen the week before Roberta was murdered.

I thought you were going to be gone all day.

Can you make it special delivery?

I could be using this time to do something useful.

How do you expect me to pay this?

He wrote it hurriedly.

I don't think it's serious - but I thought I'd stop by.

I bet I can guess.

I basically like your plan.

Are you afraid of her?

She spent many days knitting a sweater for him.


I feel a sense of duty.


You're trespassing here.

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I haven't met friends.

The cat is chasing after the squirrel.

Darryl is a selfish person.

Our teacher has a wonderful sense of humor.

I'll go to Boston by bus.

One can acquire this book in one store only.

They were, in fact, sheltered, but they had ceased to remember it.


Who cares what they think?

He just nonchalantly goes about doing it.

Don't worry. I'll look it up for you.


I want to grow old with Dorothy.

Celeste can't be trusted.

You look as healthy as ever.

Meeks got up early to see the sunrise.

He needs to buy a towel.

We had been waiting since morning, but he didn't come after all.

Hector was probably drunk when he did that.

It doesn't make sense to criticize someone for doing something that we would do if we were in their place.

This box weighs a ton.

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I met her on the street by accident.

She didn't pass me without speaking to me.

We don't like violence.

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He has in his possession films that were never distributed to cinemas to protect them against piracy.


Aren't you being very rude?

We've lost power.

Let me explain it to them.

I'm not in the mood for jokes.

He's blond.

The biologist classifies the newly found species in its own genus, whereas other taxonomists want to put it into an established genus.

It was pretty dark.

Many things frighten people these days.

Can he swim? Sure! Art was the best swimmer of our class, and knowing him I don't think he lost a bit of his skill.


Monica might be in his room.


The police arrested us.

Bob saw him again.

As I have learned English and French at school, it hasn't been hard for me to understand some words in Esperanto, even without having learned them.


They travelled eastwards.

Carol spilled the milk.

She has too many boyfriends.


One of the lights is not working. Do you think you could come take a look?


I wanted to be just like you.


I think Angus really is a doctor.

I'll take them with me, OK?

We've got to leave.

That leaves no room for doubt.

Roman isn't as easy to get along with as Shamim is.

I only know that.

I ran as fast as I could.

The company's profits have been increasing.

We'll do the best we can.

This section of the library is closed to the public.

I'm behind and exams are coming up.


Ross put the card face down on the table.

Every man has his own strong points.

I'm dying to see Boston.


How long do I have?

I don't really have a family.

I really wish I didn't have to go to that meeting this afternoon.

Mother Earth.

I will leave if it is fine tomorrow.

You've got my attention.

This factory manufactures electric stoves.

Irfan says he wants to walk home.

Do you take me for a complete beginner?

I don't like rural horror thrillers.

You should do whatever makes you happy.

You don't have to answer any of Frances's questions if you don't want to.

When are you going to have another baby?

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They were very happy.


Let her get some rest.

A telephone is more useful than a necklace.

Can you spare a cigarette?

Then you cannot be a cannibal.

We have a few more minutes until the meeting starts.


Marek has been on the telephone for the past three hours.


It's a win-win situation.

If I had enough money, I would buy that nice car.

In your opinion, what does good nutrition look like?


"What happened?" "I'm sad about life."

I think we've got a problem.

He was propelled by a thirst for revenge.

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Saify isn't as tall as I am.

I don't quite know how it happened.

Adrian assumed that the bunch of flowers left on her desk were from Antonella.

This soccer match is full of energetic and splendid competition.

I'm not strong enough.

I think I've been here before.

From the rotten seed comes to us the nutritious fruit.

The result of his action still remains to be seen.

Down under the sea went the ship with all her crew.

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Several students came to the library.

I've got lots of questions.

We were saved, but a price had to be paid.

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Everyone must learn on their own in the end.

I can't depend on you anymore.

Several years ago, in the course of being interviewed for a job, I was introduced to a competitor for the position.


When you fall off the stairs, you're downstairs quickly.

That sucks, guys!

Dan is a friend from school.

Could I stay and help you?

I was born in Italy, therefore I am very handsome.


This is a pretty dress.

You should probably buy a ticket for Norm, too.

I have complete faith in you.


She bought a new house the other day.

I want to do more.

Have it on my desk by tomorrow.

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Being a soldier is my job, where I have authority over bombs.

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A country ought to be loved by the citizens.


They make toys at this factory.

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Let's extend our heartiest welcome to Miyake-san.