I think I'm in the right place.

After a hard day's work, a man can do with a good, hot meal.

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Hugh is dead drunk.

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Howard will most likely be the first one to show up.

Oliver bought a packet of cigarettes under age, and claimed he was buying them for his father.

The New Testament underscores the importance of this typological number.

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Where is the rota?

Roberto promised that she would hand over the money soon.

The fountain is lit with multi-colored lights.

Crimea is Ukraine!

He plays the piano better than I do.

It was irresponsible of him to break a promise.

It's an ambitious project.

You cannot use his.

Listen to him.

He often gets worked up over little things.

Are you really that happy?

Tharen took a picture of himself with his iPhone.

Is it OK if I borrow your telephone?

Jeff warned Sheila not to go there alone.

An image is worth a thousand words.

We haven't heard the last of this.

I think you'll have fun at Lana's party.

Some say he never existed.

You have to make a careful choice of books.

He carries fire in one hand and water in the other.

Why are boys so stupid?

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Kristen opened a beer.

About this time tomorrow, we will be in London.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate my engagement to my best friend.

When the witch saw that the children had escaped her, she was furious, and, hitting the cat with a porringer, she said: "Why did you let the children leave the hut? Why did you not scratch their eyes out?"

The talks will last three days.

What Rajendra says is too deep for me.

Give her a moment.

If you have any sense, cancel the trip.

Who'll handle this problem?

I'll call her immediately.

Serdar is wanted by the FBI for kidnapping.

They arrested Jill.

Stephe is impulsive and self-centered.


Could Juan have done it?


Let's talk about your childhood.


I didn't know what had happened.

He told me that he was hungry.

Kazuhiro will buy that, right?

He got off the train.

Get in. I'll drive you somewhere.


I like to add new sentences to Tatoeba.

He is sensitive to criticism.

Curb extensions force traffic to slow down.

I am engrossed in sailing.

I asked Hitoshi where he'd been.


Wilson calls his karate teacher Sensei.


Early agriculturalists often show similar patterns of tooth decay to modern people.

He surrendered.

Most utensils, such as can openers and scissors, are made for right-handers.


Everyone is waiting for them.

I knew he was different.

Kiki has never been in love.

A building with high ceilings and huge rooms may be less practical than the colorless block of offices that takes its place, but it often fits in well with its surroundings.

Gail condemns you.

Glen went to Japan on a work holiday visa.

Victor is a crook.

Brenda wondered how Leon could be so sure that it was going to snow.

The two things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

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Don't set foot in that neighborhood.


I know Jerome is thirteen years old.

He met one of his old friends on his way back from the station.

John tried to make both ends meet.

The United States comprises 50 states.

The rebel was ultimately captured and confined to prison.

I made Merat go home.

Did he know who you were?

We understand what's happening.

They sold their farm and moved to the city.


I'm sure Kit is going to be there.

Let me know where you're staying.

Bret brought you some flowers.

Why don't you stay and drink some wine with us?

Sanjay's voice was loud.

The air conditioner is out of order.

I'd like to hear that song again.

I don't want anyone to play my guitar.

Everyone turned to look at them.

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Don't lump all these issues together. You need to give every single one careful consideration.


Galen was always good to his kids.

Since I haven't received an answer, I was wondering if maybe my mail never got delivered to you.

Kikki said that it was a mistake and that she would not do it again.


He always shows.

She never speaks about that.

He never forgets to pay a bill.

Her faith in God is unshaken.

I can't remember where this little doodad goes.


Just tell Graeme what you want him to do.

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There were a lot of people at Alfred's funeral.

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This is a nightmare.

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Anita chose not to drive home.

Can you believe it? We're in Japan!

The campaign took his breath.

I was surprised Micah was there this morning.

Have you tried doing this before?

You're disappointed, aren't you?

I'm leaving for Chicago next week.

I wish we were doing the same thing as Leads is doing.

I don't trust him; be careful what you say when he's around.

We are to meet at noon.

Al thought that Cristina would like this movie.

The police blamed the hot dog-days for sparking the riot.

I know it's not good enough.


Simon has had the toughest luck.


Who's first?

No one threatened us.

Shahid is dead, isn't he?

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You can go home if you like.

I'll keep it for her.

Open windows are good for cooling.


Maria said to herself, "I am very lucky."

Rebecca sent you this.

Harry is the little brother I never had.

Everybody knows the moon is made of cheese.

I cannot milk this cow. It's sick.

Isn't it time for lunch?

We enjoyed ourselves at the party.

I was delighted to hear of your promotion to Senior Managing Director.

I've accused you unfairly.


He was accused of evading tax.


Divide the money among you.

I work at a gas station.

I disagree with him.

Some people could not buy food or other necessities.

Kathleen drank heavily in his youth, but is now a teetotaller.


It was a great loss for me.

I called at his house yesterday.

I wish I had your energy.

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I'm going to make everything.


I'm friends with Oleg's sister.

I've got no regrets about it.

When my mom finds out, she won't be happy.

I can speak French, but only a little bit.

He searched the room for the lost key.


Dewey had no husband.

Your wife is in your office.

I wanna come back to Lucca.


I used to be cool.

You can't overdose on homeopathic medicine.

A lot of companies have pared their staff down to a minimum.


He had a high opinion of her abilities.

Mariou heard his telephone ringing.

Show me the way to the bus stop.

Sharon should take advantage of this opportunity.

Felicja is a native of Katowice.


She gave him the money.

Don't be too hard on him.

Randal didn't follow Scot's advice.

The police consider Rogue a suspect.

I've been waiting for that to happen.

You were the one who solved the problem.

I don't like to read Freud.


What is your interpretation of that?

On my way home from school yesterday, I was caught in a shower.

He has not only learning but experience.

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I'd rather not discuss it right now.

You're safe with us.

Coal is chemically allied to diamonds.