It hurts to have to say this, but it's the truth.

That person, of whom you speak, is my sister.

Next Monday, she'll have been in the hospital for a month.

As he was studying, the door was suddenly flung open.

The fishing boat that had been missing returned to its port safely.

Gil looks exactly the same as he always does.


Mat can handle it.

I'll try to fix it later.

Why did you buy flowers?

That bell rings at eight.

His brother came home soon after.


In times of drought, there is lack of water in our villages.

I have missed you so much!

In a sense, such a political movement may be called a revolution.

Some plants perish in winter.

I like this overcoat. May I try it on?

My guess is that Dana isn't going to want to go with us.

The wheel began to roll slowly.


I now understand that the woman I thought was a nurse is a doctor.

Srivatsan didn't accept the invitation.

Granville doesn't know what to feed Masanao's dog.


He said that he had been in California for ten years.

That no longer matters.

All civilized countries are against war.


Pitawas wants Heinz back.

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Someone came ten minutes ago.


I plan to buy a new car as soon as I can afford one.

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We can't think about that now.

Skip is about the same age as you, I suppose.

Jeff's escaped.

This program is broadcast every other week.

How unlucky I am!


I would like you to attend to my request.


Meeting new people is one of the pleasures of traveling.

I have sold my books at a good price.

Materialists and madmen never have doubts.


I'll go see what I can find out about Paola.

Weird things are happening.

She looked after her sister, who was in bed with a bad cold.

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I'm right, aren't I?

Don't swallow these chemical products.

Connect the two cables together.

Come on, guys. This is not funny anymore.

Don't speak ill of others while they are away.


Don't be angry.

I made him go.

Lana lived next door to us when I was a kid.

He studied to be a doctor.

I need your car.

That's my hobby.

This case is complex.


Wes thinks Shyam is lying.

I have to get back to work.

Even a child can do such a thing.

I suggest we get a move on.

You shouldn't underestimate a good colleague.

There's no point starting a shop selling take-away lunches; there are already plenty.

It's been a week now since Anthony changed his underpants.


No one is going to harm you.

What Sjaak did was dishonest.

Who exactly were they?

Los Angeles is one of the places I want to visit.

Who will raise the question in the first place?

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Let's get your coat.

Not until late at night did he come home.

I almost never watch TV.

You can tell Hamilton what you want.

Here's the way it works.

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Your meaning didn't come across clearly.

I need some money.

This problem isn't going away.

I heard Jeffrey was hurt.

When did you notice that?

He is not so foolish that even he can't see the reason.

No one will believe you.


This is so bad, it's good.

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A little pain never hurt anyone.


Your cat is cute.

We'll meet next time at ten o'clock, June the first, next year.

What is this item called?


A contented mind is a perpetual feast.

He was prejudiced against women drivers.

Is there a tour guide available?

She could not fasten the zip of her dress.

Would you like to tell me what happened?

This is powerful stuff.

There's something I'd like to show you.


I had to lie to her.

I have absolutely no musical talent.

Elric can do just about anything.


Why didn't you make us stop?

We had a good time at the theater last night.

The sparrow is cheeping.


The boy knocked the glass over.

I would appreciate any information you can send to us.

These pictures always remind me of the old days.


Do you know that guy?

When will we arrive?

I need you to tell me where to go.


Do you need them?

Is it too far to walk?

I hardly ever see you anymore.

It is not so much money as fame that he wanted.

Suddenly, Jack realized what had happened to him.

I associate it with this.

We lost sight of each other.


I never could get that straight.

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I asked her a difficult question.

Oh, I've broken a nail!

Do you have one that's cheaper?

How do you say XXX in English?

He can't read English, much less German.

I didn't leave.

He was given the sack.

Let's talk on Skype.

What did he do with it?

Dad told me to help you, Mom.

Poverty keeps together more homes than it breaks up.


I know the situation is very difficult for us.

Seenu didn't mean to do that.

This is a picture of him.

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I know a way to find out.

I thought you would love it.

The team lacked mobility.

It is Monday today.

The party is just beginning.


If we leave now, we could be back in Tucson before nightfall.

Also Felicja has blonde straight hair.

She never in her wildest dreams would have thought her son would kill himself.

She took night classes in the art of self-defense.

Why would he want to go there?

Swamy believes that Michael was murdered.

People depend on me.

Which car did Patty choose?

His love for indigenous Mexican art became his downfall.


This is a non-stop flight bound for Tokyo.

I'm not the one who needs to lose weight.

I've got to stay.

Is modern society suffering from sleep deprivation?

Blood and violence fascinate them.

I asked Rudolf if I could talk to her in private.

Who would have dared?


You are reading my thoughts.

That's what I got.

Do you know if Shai has spoken to Mat recently?


The soldier was not in the least afraid to die.


Everybody was very well dressed.

Don't fall into her trap.

That was the smallest RV that I ever saw.

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Welcome to a new and more meaningful reality.


I find Italian food very desirable.

Francois bought a camera not too long ago.

He has little clotting factor, so even the tiniest paper cut bleeds and bleeds.

You understand best how to use the machine.

Moses saw a rat in the subway.

Let's do this later.

Kristi is waiting for us in the park.

How do you intend to fix this?

She's not going to make it.

I had to tell them myself.

Which do you like better, apples or bananas?

But for the rain, we would have had a pleasant journey.

Juliet wanted to find a doctor who would treat his gunshot wound without reporting it to the police.