I don't know how long this will take.

The shops look merry with their bright toys and their green branches.

The city is quite near, one can go by bicycle.

Things weren't going well with Marilyn.

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We have to stop them.

I think there is no point in trying to persuade him.

How easy would it be to bore a tunnel through it?

Please tell me what will be coming next week.

Littering in this facility is subject to a maximum fine of $500.

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Rest time's over!

I want my money back and I want it back now.

Remember why you're here.

Who's the person sitting at the other end of the table?

Syd thought I was crazy.

Marlena eats fish twice a week.

Ai and Mariko are close friends. They go everywhere together.

Enough, stop this fight!

She was too tired to keep on working.

Don't let him call Taninna.

There is no use in crying. No one will hear you.

Alf released a single.

Nobody thinks you're the one who did it.


Kyle told me not to go into his bedroom.


We're all armed.


Would you two give us a minute, please?


He was completely sloshed.


Why am I here?

Tyson followed up the jab with a left hook.

Are you seeing a man?

His house is being put out for sale.

Her hobby was collecting old coins.


Give me the keys to your car.

He met his end in a rusty bear trap.

We might be able to do that.

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Micheal said he was tired of losing.

We'll see her later.

That man has many debts.


Some people believe they can rewrite history.

Do not take your mind off work.

Just be careful not to push Tricia too hard.

International postal rates differ according to destination.

That smells bad!

Unfortunately, I am too busy now.

We went to school under the cherry blossoms in spring.

I've decided to go to Boston for the summer.

The German soccer team beat Brazil convincingly.


Jerrie dug a hole.

Kelvin is reckless, isn't he?

How does this concern you?

These girls are in trouble.

I hired a private tutor to help me with math homework.

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It's a special situation.

Nobody can dispense with somebody's service.

How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Have you already eaten some cake?

He is now playing tennis on the court.

The meeting was held at the principal's office.

The newspaper had very good pictures.

How do you say "cat" in Spanish?

I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.

He doesn't smoke and he doesn't drink vodka.

I can hear traffic noise all night long where I live.

There is now a subway in Rio.

Knock before entering.

Everyone seems to have a bone to pick with someone, but only a few people can be philosophical about it.

I don't care for eggs.

This makes me very angry.

Did you pay somebody to write this for you?

Don't you love me anymore?

They're old friends.

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I want to know when Leora came to Boston.


I think maybe that was my fault.


Leon washed the potatoes.

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I'll have to tell Eugene.

Franz Liszt created the concept of the "symphonic poem". This is a composition for orchestra that uses music to describe nonmusical content. This could include, for example, people, legendary figures, landscapes, or paintings.

Conrad is blackmailing Dewey.

You should have killed them when you had the chance.

"I don't think that's a good idea." "Nonsense! What could possibly go wrong?"

He promised it would never happen again.

And then they kissed.

You shouldn't count on getting a raise.

She used to go mountain climbing with him.


They hastened to execute the plan.


Suresh has immunity.

The traffic wasn't moving between Exits 22 and 23.

Tighten the lid so that it doesn't go bad.

You'll see it for yourself.

I liked the way you handled yourself.


He cautioned me against being careless of my health.

Do you call that a kiss?

His vote would decide the issue.

Kay sat on the sofa, reading a magazine.

If he could not answer the riddle, he would be eaten.

Does that make sense?

I like listening to him.

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He is the love of my life.

I'm not your maid.

Repetition helps you remember something.

Let's have a contest. The side to come up with the worst insult wins.

Many soldiers of the regular troops train with the special forces.

Phill was obviously not busy.

It is very kind of you to say so.

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She stretched by arching her back.

It's pitch black outside.

I wrote a letter to my mother last night.

Just tell me what to say.

They have never even heard of the US.


He really likes traveling a lot.

It was stupid. We never should've done it.

Romain deserves a standing ovation for his incredible collection!

She cheated on the test.

Without water one cannot live.


I'm right, aren't I?

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The linguist is quite familiar with the dialect.

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Is this the real truth?

The patio is very small.

We're on our way to Wilson's.

It's time for the children to step in.

Distance per degree of longitude at equator.


I'm a winner!


The colour and make of the president's car are?

The workers are wiring the new house.

They forced me to take the medicine.

He had enough to do to catch up on his work.

Everyone here likes Josip.


Danielle parked his car behind the building.

You earned it.

I recommend that this sentence be deleted after two weeks, as long as there is no objection by then.


You're a terrible person.


She misled the students.

Julius Caesar was born in the year 100 B.C. The exact date of his birth is not known. At age sixteen he had to take care of all of his family.

The room is richly ornamented.

I finally gave up smoking.

Dustin's hard work has paid off.

They arrested Shankar.

I'm swimming in the ocean.

Johnathan, I know you're in there.

Shaw was feeling on top of the world after getting a promotion.

The passengers remained calm.

Brandon has no sisters.

In simplicity there is freedom.

What caused the power outage?

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Vladimir didn't tell me anything about it.

I can ski.

Did you like your teachers when you were in junior high school?

The long coastline of the city contains sand and gravel.

It comes to my remembrance.


He could not but cry, when he heard about his mother's death.

That was a fun surprise.

The Earth doesn't belong to man; man belongs to the Earth.


Strap yourselves in.


Do you know who did this?

I can't figure out your motives.

He turned out to be nothing but a liar.


Life is hard, but I am harder.

It used to be taboo for women to smoke.

None of us are related to the problem.

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Rebecca keeps encouraging Valentin to do things on her own.

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Isaac managed to pass the examination.

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They had an exciting game.

What's your impression of China?

"What did you say?" "I didn't say anything."