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Outsource Your Anger

Feeling ripped off or misled
as a consumer?

I'm not a lawyer, I'm just a guy who loves to throw the book
at shonky operators and expose dodgy practices.



In this age of outsourcing, crowdsourcing, online recruiting… wouldn’t it be nice to outsource some of your anger?

If you’re feeling ripped off, betrayed or misled as a consumer, I can help you do something about it.

My name is Adam Fox and I just love to throw the book at shonky operators and expose dodgy practices. For me, it’s not about making money, it’s a matter of principle. If you need proof of that, 740-558-4889

Outsource your anger. Trust me, you’ll feel better. You’ll also help me feel better. I’m not some ‘caped crusader of consumer rights’, I just hate greedy deceitful companies. Me taking action, helps subside my anger.

Most problems are commercial disputes of some kind and that’s where I can definitely help. Others are more emotional, complex, multi-facetted and require a unique level of problem-solving. I can help there too.

So, let’s channel that anger into a solution. 978-568-0684

HP Consumer Advocacy

Being ripped off? Misled? Led up the garden path?

This is the first place you should click. Learn about the steps you can take, and how I can help you.


Problem Solving

Some problems fall outside the standard processes such as tribunal, negotiation, court etc.

If you have a problem and you feel like no one can help you, you have come to the right place.

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Check out these examples of some of the more interesting cases I have assisted with.

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About Me

I have no ambition to be a lawyer, but I enjoy fighting for justice. I’ve always had an active mind; both creative and analytical.

I’ve built, managed, and sold companies in Australia and overseas. I’ve worked with the young and the old, the rich and the poor.

(918) 477-3781

Every problem is unique, and I’m sure I can help in some way. I’ve had experience in a whole range of industries and legal situations.

But, there are some areas I do specialise in, have a read of them here.

(707) 987-6286

Contact Me

If you have a problem, let me help you find a solution. If you’re feeling ripped off, misled or just plain angry – I want to hear about it!

Just complete the contact form and I’ll be in touch.


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