Leif's dirty clothes are on the floor.

Wood is made into various kinds of articles.

Andy didn't come to the last meeting.

That's too much of a good thing.


Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.

Do you think I'm shallow?

Although arctic and antarctic ice are melting rapidly and sea levels are already rising, elected lawmakers who deny the very existence of climate change currently chair the respective science committees of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.

We don't like her.

Sit back and listen.


We can't live even one more day without water.


What is the second largest country in the world?


We took it for granted that he would come with us.

Fritz doesn't like to work by himself.

Alan told Hugh that he wasn't happy.

We don't trust her.

She doesn't want to play with her toys.

Lynne's dad is a university professor.

Did anyone see you on the beach?

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I'm happy the game is over.

The poor girl regularly had bouts of fever, and her headaches became unbearable.

You're a good kid, Henry.

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Juha was the one who found me.

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Clayton has a bit of a fever.

She is a bitch.

They said it would be seen as a sign of weakness.


I wish Becky could see this.

Describe yourself shortly in Chinese.

I was about to go.

He's married to an American woman.

We'll bring Toby.

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I hate rain, but I love its smell.

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If I have time and enough money, I'd want to go traveling in Europe.


Our surplus has swelled by nearly ten percent in this quarter.

Herve isn't here, so I'm really sad.

Have you any references from your other employers?

We've got other things we need to be doing now.

Floria poured himself a glass of wine.


Curtis says he really enjoys figure skating.


I don't drink wine.

My sister is having a conversation with her friends.

This poem was written by a nameless poet.

The police are looking for suspects.

Men love to talk.


Rajesh won't be missed.

Germany is a cold country.

The old woman was taken to a hospital, but she died not long after.

He did not die of cancer.

The newest version uses facial-recognition software to validate a login.

I haven't seen you helping much around here.

I don't think I'll have too much of a problem with that.

But father, what if something happens to you?

A base service performed for a person of very high degree may become a very honorific office; as for instance the office of a Maid of Honor or of a Lady in Waiting to the Queen, or the King's Master of the Horse or his Keeper of the Hounds.

Something must be different.

Scythes are used for mowing grass by hand.

Everyone is seated at the table except Omar.

I don't want to die yet.


Please tell us something about yourself.

I have such bad luck.

I don't want to be negative.

Dan had to take off again to repeat the landing.

Sam has a secret admirer.

A woman asked me for directions.

Lukas doesn't seem very hungry.

He scooped up sand by the handful.

I think Phiroze knows why Robert isn't here.

On the first page of his novel, the author wrote: "For my family who put up with me all these years."

The air is bad here. Will you open the window?

I have no desire to try.

I'm keeping the baby.

Leung said Ima was sleeping.

I'll give her a call.

Can you come here for a second?

How foolish I am to believe him!

Skip got into the elevator.

We got better this week.


I'm fighting.

This is classified.

He lives alone.


What? Are you alone? I thought you were coming with Art.

I was talking to Delbert about something else.

Your opinion doesn't matter.


Tigger flicked the switch and the lights came on.

Walter paid no attention to Hume's warning.

I didn't want Murph to leave.

What am I supposed to have done?

Jews used Hebrew letters as numerals, and unlike the decimal system, the position of the numeral in the number is irrelevant. Thus one may conclude as many superstitious conclusions as he desires.


How many students do you have?

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Lars doesn't have an ear for music.

We'll suppress the rebellion.

They make the sandwich right in front of you.

Don't be mad at me.

Achille was born in Paris in 1908.

If you want money, why don't you call Marcel?

Those paused briefly.

I'm trying to think of better plan.

The girl talking with John is Susan.

Green plants can make their own food.

I wonder if he is your brother.

I know very little about her.

I don't know how much longer I can put up with this.

I have to convince Arthur to go with us.

I will employ the girl, because she can speak French.

Is Max getting enough to eat?

Why didn't you report it?

Sanand knows this.

I didn't lie.

And like many small towns in England, it has quite a long history.

Srivatsan doesn't look very busy.

Can I go with him?

Why won't you play with me?

Some new books were added to the library at his expense.

John and I are old friends.

Perhaps this is all you have left to do.

I'm beginning to get sleepy.


Please sit down on this chair.


I want a full evaluation as soon as possible.


That's the mind-set of a previous time. The current generation doesn't think that way.

Eskimos have ninety different words for snow.

Yesterday, he told me the truth.

What's the minimum salary in New Zealand?

We got our roof blown off in the gale.

They were going to kill her.

You said you wanted it.

I will give it a try.

He likes playing soccer with a lot of people watching.

To err is human. To blame somebody else for your errors is even more human.

Do you have a stomach ache?

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Soohong is now aboard the ship.

Someone must have left the water running.

Her hair was so long that it reached the floor.

If you don't like it, just say so.

I do my research whenever I donate to a charity.


The mountain whose top is covered with snow is Mt. Fuji.

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I took his attendance for granted.

It was cool, not to say, cold last night.

John played guitar and his friends sang.

Are you fucking around?

I knew before you knew.

She watched him eat.

There was at least one person in the classroom when I left.

I'll wash your apple.

You will harvest your wheat in July.


Tolerant will be back next year.


I have class from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m..

I classify his music as rock.

Are we free on Friday afternoon?


I play tennis after school.


Nils is majoring in chemistry.


Selling newspapers isn't easy.


They have left here, perhaps for good.

I tried to please him, which I found very difficult.

To know is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.

Thirteen people were killed in the train wreck.

What if Dennis is wrong?

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I think you saw something.

He broke his leg skiing.

I think you'll be interested in this.


Needless to say, Saqib is thrilled.

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They want, more than anything else, to live in peace.

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Emily goes to school.

If anyone can do it, Stephanie can.

Please read this carefully.

He is a very sincere person.

I'm going to go on a picnic tomorrow.